Why You Should Borrow From Our Hard Money and Private Lenders In Massachusetts:

FAST TURN AROUND: Our Massachusetts and Rhode Island private hard money lenders understand the need for being able to close fast. Most hard money lending transactions arise because time is of the essence. We understand that opportunities will be missed and deals on investment real estate will be lost. Transactions can close in as little as 5-10 business days from execution of a commitment letter.  We lend on acquisition loans, rehab loans, builder loans and new construction.

STREAMLINED PROCESS: Our hard money lending process is simplified, direct and hassle free. No exhaustive paperwork, no intrusive financial inquiries. Just fill out the Borrower Application below. We will review and contact you for any additional information we may need. If your loan is approved our private hard money lenders will issue a commitment letter that will clearly lay out the terms and conditions of your loan. If you’ve been unsuccessful in obtaining a conventional loan or if you need money quickly and don’t have time to waste dealing with the red tape that comes with conventional lending, MassPrivateLending.Com, Inc. is the place where your financing needs will be addressed.

NO BOUNDARIES: Unlike many other Massachusetts hard money lenders who place a negative stigma on any prospective loans with collateral located outside of the Greater Boston Area, we are actively financing purchase, rehab and construction loans throughout the Commonwealth. Regardless of whether the collateral is located in Boston, Dorchester or Worcester, the North Shore or the South Shore, the Cape or the 128 Belt or Western, Ma we are diversified and have lenders ready to lend.

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We offer private lending or hard money financing for rehab, builder, or construction loans to real estate investors in the following cities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island:

Cities: Boston, Providence, Worcester